Jerusalem Ridge to Nashville!

Wow! Jerusalem Ridge!  The festival was awesome!  I am so glad that we ending our 6 festival extravaganza with the best festival.  Before the festival started, we met Doc Campbell Mercer and were charmed!  For those that follow us and aren’t bluegrasser, Campbell runs the Jerusalem Ridge Festival and has a vested interest in all things “Bill Monroe”.  He and his league of volunteers really put on a great event. This is an event that we would like to return to.  The weather wasn’t cooperative, but we had an excellent time anyway.  we enjoyed our time with the Bledsoe’s and we already miss them.

Donna and Miss Rosie!

Fun fact, while we were at Jerusalem Ridge, we went to visit the home of Bill Monroe and wouldn’t you know it – we were surprised to see a note left there for us from Fred and Kim Williams of Taft, California.  They beat us there by a few days!  So we had a nice catch up conversation and even though they were leaving the next day, it was like getting to see them.  It really tickled our tour group too!  Hope we bump into to them the next time we are in Kentucky!  And there will be a next time.

And we are Nashville bound!  We will stay there a week.  We are going to do the tourist thing, and, of course, we will be checking out the BBQ!  Looking forward to landing for awhile.

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