Oklahoma – Masterworks

Russell Cook and I


Arrived in Bennington on Monday, October 21st – in the rain of course!  We sure have been having weather.  Guess what, I love it!  Except the muddy shoes and paws part!  Russell’s place is fantastic. Grassy meadows and trees!  Beautiful setting and gracious folks, sure made us feel welcome! Took a tour of the workshop, and wow!  I am in love with the new instruments they have coming out now.  They have added another bass course an octave lower than mine!  Soooo jealous!  Might just have to get another.  Russell has a great place and great people working for him.  Any dulcimists out there are fortunate if they play a Russell Cook Masterworks Dulcimer.

Look at this weird fruit tree.  Anyone know what the fruit is?  Take a guess and let me know.  Guess what I am? Mystery Fruit


Guess what I am?


It’s Friday, October 25 and we just left Russell’s and we hope to go back again sometime.  Now we are traveling to Livingston, Texas.  We will be staying there a week while we register our truck and home in Texas and get new driver’s licenses.  We will be checking out the Escapee’s scene and checking out the area.  Will Post more soon.

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  1. Dan Shaw says:

    LOL I love it!!!!! The fruit is a Hedge Apple. Lot’s of uses but on the farms in SW Iowa the settlers used them in place of fences to keep cattle in. The wood is hard and they also used them for fence posts because of their strength and wouldn’t rot very easy. The Hedge Apple itself was used to keep bugs etc out. Not sure if it worked. As kids we played with them.

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