Escapees RV Park experience!

Texas Flag
Well, we sure enjoyed our time in Livingston, Texas. The park was nice, nice neighbors and lots of squirrels for Rosie! She was actually inconsolable, and wanted to be outside all day chasing them! Unfortunately, just like most of our stops this fall, we were again met with tons and tons of rain. It poured for over two solid days, and water was everywhere. Livingston itself is a nice town, and it is on our short list for possible places to live, the hills are beautiful and the trees are large.

Lake Livingston

The services at the Rainbow’s End RV park are geared towards full timers like us and they offer lots of perks for park guests.  We are now official Texans!  Our truck is Texan, our Fifth wheel is Texan, we have Texas Driver Licenses, and our insurance is Texan.  So that’s it everyone, we are Texan!  Our time here is at an end, and we left Friday morning, November 1st.   We headed to San Marcos, which is between Austin and San Antonio.  We were two miles from our destination and looking forward to setting up at Pecan Park Riverside RV Park when we got a call from the park.  During the Thunderstorms that we had experienced, the park was flooded out.  The river flooded and several parks in the San Marcos area were nearly destroyed.  Oh my word, we felt so sorry for them.  In the mean time, we scrambled to find a place to live.  We were planning on spending a month at Pecan Park, so it was tough to find a place.  All of the other parks were taking in fellow refugees.  We managed to find a great park called Hill Country RV Resort in New Braunfels, Texas.  We had to pay more because of the disaster, but get a lot of perks (indoor pools, hot tubs, exercise rooms, dog parks, games rooms and tons of activities.  So we will have to make the most of it!  Darn…;-)  We are looking forward to exploring San Antonio and the Austin Music scene – and of course the Texas BBQ!  Whew!  We have been to 18 states in 5 months, we are sooo looking forward to some downtime here Hill Country!  More later…

Hill Country Hot Tub


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