Hey, it’s August!

Gateway Arch - St; Louis MO

Gateway Arch – St; Louis MO

Another month has come and gone.  I have been working on this website and it has been challenging since our internet has been sketchy!  So, just to catch everyone up,  we were getting ready to enjoy the Westcliffe Bluegrass festival – and we sure had a great time!  Westcliffe is a beautiful mountain valley and the views were fantastic!  We would love to go back.  We had a great time with our good friends Jim and Dona Bledsoe.  It was bittersweet when we left Westcliffe and the Bledsoe’s behind as we headed East.

We stayed the first night in Russell, Kansas at the worst RV park we have ever seen.  Luckily, we were only staying overnight.  We didn’t even unhook!  The next day, we headed into Lawrence, Kansas.  We stayed at Clinton Lake State Park for 8 days!  It was about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City.  The goal was to get some of that good Kansas City Bar-B-Q!  We ate at Oklahoma Joe’s, and it was awesome.

We got a text from our good friend Rod Brown.  He and Loretta were in Branson and were wondering where we are.  We found out that they would be in Kansas City in a couple of days to visit family.  We were invited over to his family’s house to “Pick” for our dinner.  BBQ dinner no less.  We had a great time visiting and pickin’ with Rod’s folks!

In our quest for awesome BBQ, we left Kansas for St. Louis, MO.  Heard about great BBQ there!  We actually stayed in Edwardsville, Illinois (that was only 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis).  We went to visit the Gateway Arch and went up into the Arch to see the view.  We also took a steamboat trip up and down the Mississippi River.  We went to Grant’s Farm – Home of the Budweiser Clydesdales.  Also, went to the Historic Soulard Farmers Market and bought and bought wonderful fruit.  But the best places we went are the BBQ joints.  The best BBQ places so far are here in St. Louis.  Coming in at #1 was Bogarts BBQ, and a close #2 is Pappy’s BBQ.  Awesome!  We will definitely be back to St. Louis in the future.

Tomorrow, we leave for Minnesota for the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Society Bluegrass Festival near St. Cloud, Minnesota.  May not have internet for about a week or so, I will post when I am back online.  Later…

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