Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association Festival

IMG_2001Just out of the Bluegrass Festival given by MBOTMA (say that with a Minnesota Accent)! Don’t ya know!  We had a great time!  Took a chance on a festival we have never been to, and are we glad we did.  We met some really nice folks that made us feel at home.  Tom, the volunteer in charge of finding us a place to park our home and then gave me a grand tour of the grounds.  He was a stellar ambassador for this organization and made sure we were having a great time.  Also met a great guy named Bill who was also retired and made us feel welcome.  We then were able to return the favor when we met two great musicians that were new too!  Dawn Petty and her friend Greg (sorry if I got your name wrong).  We had a great time picking with you!  The venue was incredible, the stage in the trees was gorgeous and the sound spectacular!  We went all of the way there to see Claire Lynch and the Gibson Brothers and found two other favorites: Junior Sisk and the Ramblers and Bigfoot.  Not to mention some very good and unique local talent.  We had a great time picking with you and we hope we are in Minnesota again for this great festival.  Good work everyone!  Thanks for bringing in the mild weather too!  I will post pictures soon!

Now we are in Wisconsin to see my sister and her family.  We are also lucky that my Brother Mark and his family are on their way up here from California as well.  Last time most of us were together was in 2006, so this is a treat.  My sister Gayle hasn’t seen Katie’s kids so this will be a treat!  More later.  Love you everyone.  Yesterday, we met up with Gayle and her son Jake and went to Grandma’s lake house.  We got to see Kay and Butch (Gayle’s In-Laws) and some more family.  Had a nice Barbeque and Chocolate cake to celebrate Randy’s Birthday! We get to do it all again when Mark’s family gets here!

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  1. Jon says:

    Glad you are having a good time.

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