Wisconsin and Onward

IMG_2024Rosie is right, we have been having lots of fun visiting Gayle’s family.  My brother, Mark and his daughter Katie, her kids Madison and Jackson and her cousin Jerrod came up to meet us from California.  Gayle’s family: husband Mike, kids – Jake and Tricia, and Gayle’s extended family, Kay and Butch and Grandma Rose, and everyone else we met; have made us so welcome!  We are having a blast at Grandma’s Lake house and visiting with everyone.

We went for three days to the Wisconsin Dells area.  Home of 52 Bazillion water parks, not to mention a beautiful river and lakes!  Gorgeous place and we had lots of fun!  Go there if you can someday!

Sadly, We leave on Saturday for Kentucky.  Our visit has long been overdue, and I am grateful that Mark, Gayle and I have been able to get together.  We hadn’t been together since 2006, and it was especially shocking how Jake and Tricia have grown into young adults!  Time Flies!

So, now it is onwards to Kentucky, and two more Bluegrass festivals.  Poppy Mountain and Jerusalem Ridge!  Quintessential Bluegrass and the home place of Bill Monroe!  Very excited to be going!

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