Charleston, South Carolina! I do declare!

Pretty Buildings Charleston

Pretty Buildings Charleston

Spending a week in Charleston is definitely not enough!  We arrived here on Saturday, November 15th for a week.  We are going to get that lovely Polar Vortex crap, so we don’t know how much good weather we will have. (That global warming thing is still scaring me to death “sic”)! We took a boat ride out to Fort Sumter – the site of the first shots fired in the Civil War~ Humbling! The Bay here is amazing.  Two rivers form the Charleston Peninsula before dumping into the Ocean.  We went to City Market in downtown Charleston: including the Moon Pie General Store, Bubba Gumps and naturally fudge shops!  We toured the stately Charleston Mansions and just love the Spanish moss hanging from the trees!  Saw the USS Yorktown which is permanently anchored here.

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  1. Nice to know where you are. Stay warm. It’s been cold down here, but not as bad as in the north! Chat soon.

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