Randy’s Photographs

Hey!  If you think my pictures are good, take some time and go to Randy’s site and look at the wonderful photo’s he has taken:  Randy’s site is at randyworley.zenfolio.com  Enjoy!!!!

4 Responses to Randy’s Photographs

  1. Donna L Chisum says:

    Sandy it was really good talking with you tonight. I had your website bookmarked but don’t remember if I ever setup a login. Can you tell?

    Tell Randy and Rosie hi!!!!!


  2. Laura Newton says:

    Hi Andys. It’s a good thing that I love you, because I absolutely hate you for living your wonderful lifestyle.
    Actually I’m happy that you are living your dream – but I miss you guys!
    xo – The Retired Mayor

  3. worleys says:

    We love you and miss you too! We wish that you would go to Westcliffe. Jim and Dona and Terri and Doug will be there. Maybe you can get there? This website isn’t working very well, so respond to my email rvgirl1957@gmail.com. We need you, even if you “think” you are retired. Hope to see you. We may be coming your way, but we are not sure yet. Love you

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