North East Kentucky to London Kentucky

Been having fun in Kentucky!  We went with our friends the Bledsoes to the Natural Bridge State Park.  We also went to West Virginia to eat at the Hillybilly Hotdog in Lesage, West Virginia.  We had seen it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!  As you can see from the picture, it is quite the place.  Looked crazy, but I can tell you the food was amazing!  Wanna go back…  We also toured Cave Run Lake and ate near there, at a great BBQ place called Pop’s BBQ in Farmer, Ky.  We have had the most amazing BBQ this summer.  Won’t get tired of it any time soon.  We also went to the University of Kentucky at Morehead Planetarium for an interesting constellation show and laser show.  Very nice.

HillyBilly Hot Dogs In West Virginia

HillyBilly Hot Dogs In West Virginia










Our time at Poppy Mountain has come to a close. Unfortunately, this “once in a life time” festival is not for us. While the music was first rate, there was no jamming, not many musicians around the campgrounds. It was rowdy and more of an ATV rally than a bluegrass festival. Through no fault of their own, this festival has no crowd control. Most festivals do not allow ATVs to race around, and certainly not all night. The campers had an “exceedingly” great time. Those of us that wanted to play bluegrass – did not! This festival is not for the serious Bluegrasser. We wish them well, and we hope someday they go back to attracting the serious bluegrass crowds! We will not be back. Beautiful setting and our expectations were obviously uninformed. Unfortunate. We aren’t feeling too bad though, we are on our way to Jerusalem Ridge and that is guaranteed a great bluegrass experience!

Now we are in London, Kentucky.  The home place of our friend Jim Bledsoe.  We are lucky enough to have been invited to meet with his kinfolk. David, Lois, Peggy and Red. They have performed for years at Renfro Valley and they are the real deal!  We were invited to their home for dinner and jamming and were treated to a wonderful Kentucky dinner of beans and corn bread. Yummy!  The jamming was a real treat and everyone had a great time. Thanks for showing us the best time, and also your wonderful cars, and Lois for showing us your wonderful cabin of fun and the incredible loom!  We adore you and hope to come back with Jim and Dona someday.  Thank you.

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