Mountain View, Arkansas

Okay, Everyone!

I am s0 sorry for the delay in writing. We have been having so much fun, that I have let the blog fall by the wayside.  So here I am 4 months later and trying to catch up.  So I will do one entry for each state, so that I can at least catch you up with some pictures!  So sorry, friends and family – I won’t let it happen again.

So, in April we were in Arkansas.  We went to Mountain View, the center of old timey music and just our cup of tea!  We lucked out and just happened to get there in time for the Mountain View Folk Festival.  Bluegrass jamming in the park and every where you can find a chair.  WOW!  We had an awesome time.  Definitely on the short list for places to possibly settle down, if we ever do that!  Only one thing – they have tornados and Randy isn’t too excited about that.

Pickin and Grinnin in the park!

Pickin and Grinnin in the park!


Pickin' Today

Pickin’ Today


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